Product ideal for pet food

The ideal raw material for pet food

Our meat and bone meal is manufactured with continuous digesters (Italian technology), from fresh by-products from cattle slaughter. Due to our PREMIUM standards, blood, hooves, hair, horns and rumen contents, etc. are completely excluded, making it the ideal raw material for pet food. The finished product is characterized by :

Organoleptic Characteristics:

  • Color: brown
  • Odor: characteristic of fresh meat and bone meal.
  • Appealing taste for pet food.
  • Texture: Sandy

Shelf Life

Approximately 180 días at cool temperature and good storage conditions.

Handling and Conservation

  • Store in a cool, dry place with good ventilation
  • Store in clean pallets, separate from other raw materials
  • When transporting it must be protected from damage because of weather, infestation and inadequate handling

Physicochemical Characteristics:

  • Animal Protein (min. 45%)
  • Pepsin digestibility (0,002%) (min. 60%)
  • Fat (max. 15%)
  • Ash (phosphorus and calcium) (max. 36%)
  • Total phosphorus (P) (min. 4% – max. 7%)
  • Total Calcium (Ca) (max. 13%)
  • Humidity (max. 8%)
  • Peroxide meq. index of active oxygen/Kg (max. 8%)


Antioxidant BHT, or other, in sufficient concentrations, to ensure the stability of fats.

Packaging and Presentation

Packed in new 40 kg polypropylene bags, lots marked with the date of manufacture and their respective code.

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